If you're new to South Florida, you may not realize that

seasons here are mercurial.

For instance, some years we have a nice cool spring, and other years it's winter one day and summer the next.

Consistently cooler (or warmer) temperatures indicate the seasons have actually changed.

In a typical year: Spring - April through early May. 

Summer - mid-May through early October. 

Autumn - mid-October through early December.

Winter - mid-December through March. 


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​Barbara English

Landscaping Coordinator

Summer Annuals:

​​Caladium - part or full shade (actually a perennial that comes up every year.

Celosia ("cockscomb") - part shade to part sun (best in spring through early summer)

Gaillardia ("Blanket Flower") - full to part sun, will re-seed

Gazania Daisy - full to part sun

Gebera Daisy (sometimes called gerber daisy) - part shade to part sun, usually best in spring through early summer

Ornamental Cabbage (a.k.a. flowering kale) - full to part sun (best in spring and early summer)

Portulaca "Moss Rose" - full to part sun

Purslane - full to part sun

Salvia - part shade to part sun

Wax Begonia - full sun to full shade for bronze leaf, full shade for green leaf

Zinnia - full to part sun ("Profusion" and "Dreamland" are pretty newer varieties)